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PROJECTS 2019 – 2014

Institut Fuer Zukunft    /club

 ► Visual identity of the monthly program of IfZ, progressive club for electronic music in Leipzig, season 2019 / 2020 [printed posters + online communication]  –  On going 

kiyumi   / Welness / Retreats

 ► Visual identity for Kiyumi, legal psychedelic retreats to explore safely altered states of consciousness [logo + printed posters + online communication]

Butter Side Up    / Music_Label

 ► Visual identity for Butter Side Up parties, UK based independent electronic music platform, season 2019 [posters + online communication]  – On going 

Outland  Wear  /  Clothing_Brand

 ► 2 Artworks for Outland wear, ethical clothing brand based in Paris. T-shirt collection SS 2019 

Omek   /  Community_Hub

 ► Artistic direction & branding for Omek, a digital and physical platform dedicated to the social advancement of the African diaspora community [Colour Pallette + Illustrations / Pattern]

Bando    /  Concept_Store

 ► Illustration for Bando planner 2019/2020. I was commisionned to create a visual to illustrate “November - Find Balance” the opener page of the month [Illustration + Typography]

Unfamiliar    / Music_Label

 ► Visual identity for Unfamiliar parties, music label based in Cairo whose emphsise on showcasing women leading the way in electronic music, season 2017 / 2018 & 2018 / 2019 [posters + online communication]

Adidas   /  Global_Brand_Conference_SS19

 ► Illustrations / Graphics for Adidas Global conference 2019, a yearly event that introduces Adidas employees to the brand strategies and aesthetic for the following season. I was commissioned to create murals for the scenography. [Retail design]

Butter Side Up    /  Music_Label

 ► Visual identity & artistic direction for Butter Side Up parties, UK based independent electronic music platform, season 2018 [posters + online communication]

Butter Side Up    /  Music_Label

 ► Artistic direction & artworks for Butter Side Up label releases, UK based independent electronic music platform. On going [vinyl design + online communication]

BSU #001

BSU #002

BSU #003

Pli – Matter(s) Material(s)    /  Magazine

 ► Editorial illustration for Pli Magazine, an annual magazine that investigates architecture by inviting artists to collaborate through the intersection of work from various fields. Pli proposed me to participate to their issue " Matter(s) Material(s) ".

I was given a text by the architect Frederic Schnee which reflected on oppositions between architectures and its publications. For instance between: [materiality & rationality] and [image & concept & reality]. My illustration “ Alter-Ego “ reflects and explore on this illustion.

Soulground    /  Music_Band

 ► Artwork and artistic direction for Soulground, music band based in Berlin [Vinyl concept + Artworks]

Wrap 11 - Balance   /  Magazine

 ► Editorial illustration for Wrap Magazine, that celebrates illustration, design and creative culture while promoting up coming artists. They comissioned me to participate on their issue " Balance " [Editorial deisgn + Artwork]

Modebuch    /  Magazine

 ► Editorial collage for Modebuch, a magazine about upcoming labels in the fashion german scene [Editorial design]

Œ    /  Magazine

 ► Editorial illustration for OE, a yearly magazine commisionning photographers & artists to highlight Berlin fashion labels [Editorial design]



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