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2021 / 2022   

Its been busy! find recent updates on my instagram. And check out my current installation
at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam: ”Follow The Black Rabbit” 🖤🐰

Recent projects includes:

Follow The Black Rabbit — Installation at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. June—December 2022 ︎︎︎

Apple x Black History Month — Visuals, 2022 ︎︎︎

In Memory Of The Present — Personal book, 2021 ︎︎︎

Its Nice That, Conscious Creativity — Creative Direction, 2021 ︎︎︎

Essentielle  Story

Identity  & Creative Direction  


Essentielle Story is giving voice to the world’s most inspiring women athletes.
Created by Olympian fencer Ysaora Thibus. 

30/70  —Tastes Like Freedom

Album cover 


“Tastess Like Freedom — is about openly, freely and proudly expressing your desire and sexuality” says Allysha Joy, singer & producer in the band 30/70.

It’s Nice That  : Conscious Creativity



How to shape the future of our industry?

Across a series of opinion pieces It’s Nice That explored
how a more conscious approach to creativity is needed now more than ever.

Jirafa Records

Creative Direction 


For Jirafa Records, the aim is to uplift the music scnene
with bright and vibrant music productions and releases.

Institut Français Berlin/ Les Vitrines

Identity & Custom Typography


What systems of controls?    What poetry of resistance?    What notion of the worries of others?

The identity created for Les Vitrines of Institut Français, Berlin, is based on a reflection upon the social themes and the multicultural artistic languages presented throughout the exhibition cycle.

Ft. works by Hoda Tawakol, Anne Lise Costes, Charlotte Dualé, Marie-Claire Messouma Manlanbien.

Institut Fuer Zukunft

Identity & Creative Direction


The creative direction for IFZ is based on a duality between their aspirations. The design approach was to conceptually play with this duality within the colours to magnify that feeling. Unfortunately, I no longer support this club, due to our political differences.


Brand Identity


Kiyumi are legal psychedelic retreats providing safe spaces to explore altered states of consciousness. “The branding must feel comforting and lively” the client said.

Butter Side Up  

Brand Identity &  Creative Direction

2018 - 2020

For UK based independent electronic music label Butter Side Up, the tone of the latest season was an ode to the continuum. Before that, we explored topics such as freedom, connexions & playfullness.

BSU #001

BSU #002

BSU #003

Outland  Wear

Merchandise  Design


Sunrise & Sunset


Brand Identity


Omek is a Community Hub dedicated to the social advancement of the African diaspora community. Its about creating encounters and conversations.


Graphic Design


For Bando planner, 2018: ”Illustrate November - Find Balance” say asked.


Brand Identity &  Creative Direction


Unfamiliar music label is based in Cairo and put an emphsise on showcasing women leading the way in electronic music. For this series of posters, we wanted to go “Cosmic”.

Adidas   /  Global_Brand_Conference_SS19

 Illustrations / Graphics for Adidas Global conference 2019, a yearly event that introduces Adidas employees to the brand strategies and aesthetic for the following season. I was commissioned to create murals for the scenography. [Retail design] – 2018 

Pli – Matter(s) Material(s)    /  Magazine

 Editorial illustration for Pli Magazine, an annual magazine that investigates architecture by inviting artists to collaborate through the intersection of work from various fields. Pli proposed me to participate to their issue " Matter(s) Material(s) " launched in 2018 

I was given a text by the architect Frederic Schnee which reflected on oppositions between architectures and its publications. For instance between: [materiality & rationality] and [image & concept & reality]. My illustration “ Alter-Ego “ reflects and explore on this illustion.

Soulground    /  Music_Band

 Artwork and artistic direction for Soulground, music band based in Berlin [Vinyl concept + Artworks] – 2016 

Wrap 11 - Balance   /  Magazine

 Editorial illustration for Wrap Magazine, that celebrates illustration, design and creative culture while promoting up coming artists. They comissioned me to participate on their issue " Balance " [Editorial deisgn + Artwork] – 2015 

Modebuch    /  Magazine

 Editorial collage for Modebuch, a magazine about upcoming labels in the fashion german scene [Editorial design] — 2014 

Œ    /  Magazine

 Editorial illustration for OE, a yearly magazine commisionning photographers & artists to highlight Berlin fashion labels [Editorial design] – 2014 



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