“Tastes Like Freedom”

GRAPHIC DESIGN / album cover

“The irrepressible 30/70 return to Rhythm Section International with a hot and heavy surprise single, ‘Tastes Like Freedom’, just in time for the 3rd summer of love.

Emotive, intimate and provoking a radical sensuality only Allysha Joy and her ensemble can conjure, TLF expands and unfolds over 9 minutes of free-floating jazz-funk. Ziggy Zeitgeist’s skittering, broken beat-leaning hats and Josh Kelly’s 90’s film noir-esc saxophone coalesce to throw the mood down-town.

As always, the band go deep... Still, it hits a steppy tempo ~ perfectly poised for the summer dancefloor. It’s a blissful, lively roller as much as it’s a nostalgia-drenched neo-soul love song. And with a remix package on the way from some of the finest producers in electronic music, you can be sure ‘Tastes Like Freedom’ will be causing a stir.“

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